Flight 4 handwritten by rainy bleu-d7a5t7k

Page 4 is the fourth page of the first chapter of Felinia.

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Swift is alarmed by Marina's ignorance of the Shadow Wolves, so he tries to explain in greater detail. He explains that 'the resistance' can only protect their land for a limited amount of time, and if they invade the woods when it wears off that they will be in great dangder.

Marina disbelieves him, saying she thinks the Shadow Wolves are just a rumour and they don't know whether it's reliable or not. She states that it could be over-exaggerated or untrue.

She states that they have been inactive for 4 months and believes that Swift is overreacting from paranoia.

Swift says that they still need to be wary of the Shadow Wolves regardless of their hiatus. Marina tries to take it off of his mind by suggesting that they sleep for the night. He agrees, so they call it a night.