Felinia Page 1

Page 1 is the first page of the first chapter of Felinia.

Page Contents Edit

Page 1 shows text which Blaze is narrating. He claims he 'lost his innocence' due to certain events that happened in his life. He then proceeds to explain those events.

Blaze introduces Marina, his mother. He claims she 'lived in a small house with a large family.' He describes her as kind, hardworking, honest and caring.

He then explains that Marina accidentally wandered into the woods and stumbled upon Swift, his father. He describes him as a 'rough-and-tumble kinda guy'. He also claims he was stubborn hotheaded, wild and he rarely came in contact with city residents.

He then claims that Marina and Swift fell in love at first sight. As a result, Marina left her home to live with Swift a few months after she became romantic partners with him.